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Countertop Repair

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Offers quick and affordable quartz and granite countertop repair to restore your countertops to their original beauty. We service the Greater Denver Area and surrounding cities.

Countertop Repair

Chip Repair

While granite and quartz countertops are usually very durable, a chip on the edge or surface of the countertop isn’t uncommon. At Kitchen & Bath by Design, we have the ability to repair most of these chips before they become a larger problem. Our specialists are equipped with the right tools to quickly and affordably repair the chip in our countertop and restore it to look as good as new!

Joint Repair

Depending on the size of your countertop, it may be made up with multiple pieces of stone. These joints or seams can occasionally become dirty, discolored, or even separated. Kitchen & Bath by Design has extensive experience repairing these joints quickly and effectively.

Countertop Repair
Countertop Repair

Englarging Cook Tops

Are you looking to enlarge your cooking area without having to replace your beautiful countertop? Because this is a more involved process, we highly recommend turning to an expert in this type of project. Fortunately, Kitchen & Bath by Design is experienced in expanding cooking areas in the middle of a granite or quartz countertop. Contact one of our Professionals today to learn more!

Polish Scratches

Could we emphasize that only granite can be polished. For quartz we would have to assess the damage and the customer would need to contact their Warranty for replacement.

Countertop Repair
Countertop Repair

Faucet Holes

If you are looking to upgrade your sink and need an expert to repair or replace faucet holes to fit, look no further. Kitchen & Bath by Design has experts on staff who can repair your granite to match the faucet or sink you desire. Contact one of our Professionals today to learn more!


Granite or quartz countertops can start to lose their luster and beauty if the caulk becomes discolored, moldy, or even cracked. This can be caused by settling in the foundation or normal wear and tear. Kitchen & Bath by Design will recaulk your countertops with premium material to make you counters look like new again.

Countertop Repair
Countertop Repair

Falling sink Repair

A common issue our clients come across is their undermount sink falling down and separating from the granite countertop. At Kitchen & Bath by Design, we are experienced in this type of repair and have quick and affordable solutions. Contact one of our Professionals today to learn more and restore your sink and counter to its original beauty!

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