How much heat can a Formica countertop take?

How much heat can a Formica countertop take?

Pretty much every kitchen has a counter, and choosing a counter is usually done with a few things in mind. There are many different types of countertops, and Formica Laminate is a type of surface material for countertops. It can withstand heat up to 275 degrees Fahrenheit for short periods of time. Similar to other types of surface materials, you should use something underneath hot pans to avoid accidents.

When you look at a countertop you probably focus more on the color, but what about its strength? You need to consider if your countertop is scratch and temperature-resistant because everyone puts a different amount of pressure on their countertops. It is easy to assume that you can put anything on your countertop, but that might not be true. This is a bit of insight into how other materials compare.


Because Laminate countertops are made of plastic combined with paper or particleboard, they are not very heat resistant. They are also combined with a plastic product so which makes them easily melt or discolor. They are extremely cheap though which is why some people choose to put them in.


Solid-surface counters are better than laminate but are still composite. Usually made of inorganic materials, they are more heat resistant, but can crack from extreme temperatures.


Granite is known to be extremely heat-resistant which is why it is more expensive. Hot pans can be placed right on a granite counter without making a mark.


Usually, the quartz that is sold is not pure quartz, but instead is a mixture of quartz with inorganic materials. It is heat resistant, but it can discolor if located in direct sunlight.


Marble is also heat resistant, but if it is not treated it can become scratched because it is a soft stone.


Known to be extremely aesthetically pleasing, Terrazzo is not a commonly used item. This type of material is compared to granite, in that they crack when they encounter extreme conditions.


Concrete is known to be heat resistant, but it can crack when it expands. This is also difficult to install.


Metal countertops are often made from stainless steel, aluminum, or copper. It is heat resistant, but it can also retain heat and scratch very easily. If you need help deciding on Formica, or any other Granite Countertops Denver, contact us today.

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