How to Choose Your Kitchen Designer

How to Choose Your Kitchen Designer

Oftentimes, people view hiring a designer for a home remodel to be the equivalent of completely giving up creative input in the project. That’s not true with the right designer. The thing is, designers have their jobs for a reason. They know what they’re talking about and help make your vision a reality based on space, budget, and materials available. More than half of kitchen remodels use a designer. These are people with experience and industry connections who can get you the resources necessary to bring your dream kitchen to life.

Consider the Costs

You should have your total budget in mind before meeting with a potential designer — and make sure to work design fees into that budget. Rather than looking at averages and trends, which can vary greatly, consider what your kitchen should be worth in estimates of your house. Generally, a kitchen should account for 10-15% of the total worth of your home. So, if your home is worth $350,000, then you should feel okay with spending at least $35,000 to upgrade your kitchen when all is said and done. A designer can help you with this math and help make sure you stay within your budget.

Are They Certified?

Like anything in your home, you want the best. Look for a kitchen designer who is NKBA-certified in Kitchen and Bath Design or Certified Kitchen Design. This certification requires five years of full time design experience and proven knowledge of design, construction, engineering, plumbing, and electrical systems. It also requires a professional development program, an exam, and checks to maintain certification as they continue to work in their field. You can be sure a certified designer is going to be on top of their work and good at what they do.

Hiring a Contractor or Retailer

Sometimes, you have the budget for the kitchen but not for the designer’s fees. That’s okay, too. There are less expensive options out there. Contractors who specialize in kitchen remodeling can be just as knowledgeable as designers, even more so when it comes to the technical aspects, and they tend to cost less. Retail stores that offer home improvement items may even keep designers on staff that can help consult on a remodel project. They also tend to be cheaper than a third party designer and work closer with manufacturers and suppliers.

The Hybrid Option

If you want experience but are short on budget room, you can find a designer at a showroom or design center. This is a higher level of designer service for a similar price as a retail designer. These consultants can be certified as well, offering you that same wealth of knowledge for a capped price that won’t break the bank. What you sacrifice is having a personal designer, as these designers may be working with multiple clients at the same time. Contact a Denver kitchen designer to get started on your project today.

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