How to identify kitchen cabinet manufacturers?

How to identify kitchen cabinet manufacturers?

If you’ve recently moved into your home, or are finally looking into renovating, you’ll most likely need to identify your kitchen cabinet manufacturer. This will ensure that your new designs will easily blend in with what’s currently there.

Using the same manufacturer can help you save time and money when choosing new designs for your kitchen renovation. But how do you locate the manufacturer information? Keep reading for tips on how to identify who made your kitchen cabinets and where to find cabinet manufacturers in Denver.

Tips for identifying the cabinet manufacturer

When it comes to kitchen cabinet renovation, the easiest route is to go with the same manufacturer who originally installed what’s there. You’ll be able to choose similar styles and even match certain materials so that everything flows together seamlessly. There are a few different places to look for manufacturing information on your current cabinets.

Where to check

Manufacturing brands typically include their information somewhere on the cabinets, though it may be hidden to the eye. You may need to do a little digging in order to find the original label. Be sure to check the following.

The drawers: Manufacturers often include their brand logo or label inside a drawer or two. The label may be very small, but check along the sides, back, front, and base of the drawer on the inside. You may need to pull out the drawer completely to check along the outside and back, as well. Keep in mind that the original manufacturer could have also included a code or an engraving to simplify the process.

Underneath wall cabinets: If you can’t locate any information within the drawers, try underneath the wall cabinets. The information could be on an adhesive paper with the company logo and include color and style information.

The sink base: Lastly, your kitchen sink could reveal the information you seek. If the manufacturer belonged to the KCMA, or Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association, they may have placed a sticker at the sink base. Use the code found here to look up the manufacturer associated with the KCMA code, which should include information like their company and website.

Your cabinets might be custom

If no information can be found, your cabinets could be custom made. There are a few features that can identify customized cabinets, including the following.

  • They feature more stability, including solid hardwood pieces on the front of the drawers and wall cabinets
  • They have adjustable hinges and shelving supports made of metal
  • They have deeply-fitted door supports that are not glued on
  • There are no noticeable wood or color irregularities

How to get matching cabinets

Working with a manufacturer that makes custom cabinets is also a great way to match designs. By using quality materials and upgraded technology, they can easily make a copy of your existing cabinet components. For built-to-order cabinet options, contact Huntwood, Denver’s leading custom cabinet manufacturers.

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