Popular Kitchen Styles 2023

Popular Kitchen Styles 2023

Are you looking to give your kitchen a trendy makeover this year? These styles are perfect for inspiration!

Making a home feel like home often means designing each room with care. When giving your home an upgrade, few areas can carry more weight than the kitchen–and trendy kitchen styles can give you a space that is equally comforting and inspiring. If you are looking to give your kitchen a makeover this year, knowing the most popular styles can help.

In this article, we will explore the top kitchen styles of 2023.

The Most Popular Kitchen Styles of 2023

A little inspiration can go a long way in helping you to visualize what you want for your home’s kitchen. These popular styles are here to help you get started!


With a minimalist design, less is always more—even in the kitchen. Although you might not be able to keep a minimalist style while you are actively cooking, you can give your kitchen the perfect minimalist appearance between meals. To achieve this style, choose sleek and smooth appliances, understated cabinet handles, and hide any kitchen tools or small appliances when they are not in use.


The traditional kitchen calls back to older styles where the design had more complexity and texture. You can bring this look to your kitchen by investing in wooden cabinets, understated countertops, and traditional lighting. It helps to choose more traditional colors, like browns, creams, and relaxed shades of red.

Modern Chic

A modern kitchen always stands out in the best way. To make the most of this style, focus on eye-catching and vivacious colors and textures, adorable modern appliances, and daring decor that really stands out. Avoid too much clutter with this style, and you will be good to go!


Sometimes a throwback is the best option, and retro kitchens are still very popular, even in 2023! These kitchens often revolve around checkered designs, vibrant classic colors, and modern appliances that are designed to look like they were made in a different age. With their historical resonance, these kitchens are impossible not to love!

Country or Farmhouse

In recent years, country and “farmhouse” kitchens have become more popular than ever. With deep and wide sinks, classically styled appliances, and an emphasis on wood and craftsmanship, something about these kitchens will make you want to cook until the cows come home. You can even blend this design with a little modern decor to make a style that gives you the best of both worlds!

Create the Perfect Kitchen One Feature at a Time!

From beautiful counters to breathtaking kitchen cabinets, Denver kitchens are receiving major updates in 2023–and yours can too! If you are looking to bring a refreshing new style, start looking for inspiration so you can partner with experts you trust. To learn more about how to give your kitchen the ultimate 2023 kitchen makeover, contact our team today!

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