Tips for Designing your Kitchen

Tips for Designing your Kitchen

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Tips for Designing your Kitchen

If you’re looking at redesigning your kitchen and bath in Denver, but don’t want an overhaul or want to tear out what’s already there, there are plenty of ways to make upgrades to your kitchen by simply adding to and playing with what you already have. Colors, textures, and lighting can completely change the room if done right.

Below are some of the more simple, but highly effective ways, to make adjustments to your kitchen without completely gutting it.


Make of the Most of Lighting

Lighting may not feel incredibly important. It’s just lighting, and most people don’t come into your home seeking out your lighting to complement it. But, it’s a lot like ingredients in a recipe. You may not taste everything on its own, but you’ll notice if there’s no salt. It’s the same for lighting. It’s not just about the design of your fixtures but making sure they function correctly. The right light can completely change a room. It can change moods, affect the way your style is perceived, and a lot more.


Don’t Forget Finishings

Finishings are like icing on the cake. You agonize over materials for cabinets and colors of stains, but then at the end, you come face-to-face with another decision: finishings. Handles are not just handles, they can be amazing accent pieces for your kitchen and offer pops of color or texture that are otherwise missing. Take a look at your cabinet and look at the possibilities — brass, steel, polished — there’s a lot you can do with just finishings.


The Right Paint

You’d be shocked how something so simple and so cost-effective can completely transform a room. Even the subtlest of paint can bring out the colors in your kitchen and direct your guest’s eyes. An accent wall is a great way to manipulate the perception of space in your kitchen. Even an off white or light cream can truly bring out the best in an otherwise dull wall. Look at the colors in your kitchen and explore how color can complement and accent the room.


Backsplashes Make a Difference

It’s not just about playing with accent colors, accents of texture can be incredibly effective ways of shifting a room. Backsplashes offer a bit of color accent along with a sharp contrast of textures and can even protect your wall against the dangerous splatter that can happen in a kitchen and damage the drywall. A backsplash is a fairly simple addition that instantly makes the room look more elegant and more put together. A backsplash can tie together colors and textures in a way you may not have realized. Kitchen & Bath by Design can help you transform your kitchen with design consultations that won’t break the bank or involve excessive amounts of construction or remodeling. Give us a call to set up your first consultation and find out how we can help you transform your kitchen with simple and easy design choices.


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