What is a Cheaper Alternative to Granite Countertops?

What is a Cheaper Alternative to Granite Countertops?

Granite countertops have become one of the most popular surfaces for homeowners because they deliver a unique look, lasting durability and sleek style. However, all of that can come with a hefty price tag. There are a number of alternatives that can be less expensive, while still retaining the style and durability that granite countertops can provide.

Depending on your individual style and aesthetic of your home, these alternatives can bring just as much functionality and beauty to your countertops in Denver. There are more options out there than ever before, meaning there is a right fit for your budget and the individuality of any home.

Quartz Countertops

Quartz provides a gorgeous alternative to granite and other types of stone countertops. It’s suitable for both kitchen and bath, and delivers durability on par with granite. Because it is non-porous, quartz won’t stain or absorb other chemicals and cleaning products. The cost of quartz countertops is marginally less than granite countertops, but does offer long-term value over time.

Since quartz is a manufactured product, it comes in a wide variety of stunning colors – including numerous blacks, whites, grays and others. This allows for homeowners to use quartz to imitate the colors and styles of other natural stones. This versatility also helps homeowners better fit their countertops into their personal aesthetic appeal.

Marble Countertops

Marble countertops are more affordable than granite or quartz, but they do deliver a lot of the same benefits. Marble is not as hard as granite, but is still resistant to scratches and other cracking. This softness also allows for more detailed cuts and edges to your countertop – allowing it to fit into a multitude of spaces.

The look of marble is very unique, as no two cuts are the same. It does require a little more maintenance than granite, but it naturally stays cool. This makes it a wonderful surface for the kitchen, and is one of the preferred countertop surfaces for most bakers and other cooking professionals. The versatility and unique look are the calling card of this surface, and marble is suitable for both kitchen and bath.

Other Options for Countertops

There are plenty of other surfaces that are suitable for countertops that can save you money over granite. Soapstone is an option that is another non-porous surface, that also requires a minimal amount of maintenance. This is a softer stone than the others that were mentioned, but can provide a unique and charming look to your space.

One style similar to marble is quartzite, but they require simpler maintenance. It’s a durable, natural stone that comes in a wide array of options. Another surface similar to marble is travertine, and this very durable material comes in numerous colors, as well. These are both more affordable options to marble or granite.

For more information on the variety of countertops out there, and how they can fit into your home and budget, reach out to the experts at Kitchen & Bath by Design today.

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