What is the best countertops for the price?

What is the best countertops for the price?

If you’re looking to install new countertops in your kitchen, you are one of many who have been shopping around. Kitchen countertops are a priority for many, whether that is during a home remodel, or a new build. It may be daunting when searching for Countertops Denver, but finding the best countertops for the best price is not as difficult as it might seem.


Granite is a stone that you have most likely heard of. This natural stone countertop material has been highly prized for years in the kitchen industry. It can be found in many different colors and looks great with all types of flooring and decor. They are generally affordable which makes them an extremely popular choice.

However, it is good to note that granite can be expensive as well. With prices between $85 and $175 per square foot after installation. The price will depend on the size, color, thickness, and pattern of the granite slab. It will also depend on the manufacturer/supplier and installer, and where you live.

Granite does not depreciate, because it is non-porous, sanitary, heat-resistant, and easy to clean. It does not get scratched easily, but it is very difficult to remove. If you wish to remove it, the entire countertop must be removed. It should also be sealed every 10 years to prevent staining.


Quartz is another natural stone, but quartzite is a type of man-made composite. It consists of 90% quartz and 10% resin. Although this is a new solid-stone alternative to granite or engineered quartz countertops, it starts its life as sandstone and evolves into quartzite when subjected to heat and pressure. This results in either a white or gray color with streaks of color. It somewhat resembles marble but also maintains the toughness of granite.

It is important to purchase the right level of quality for quartzite, as it can either be “hard” or “soft”. This will depend on how often you need to seal it, which can get expensive.

Regardless, expect to pay $85 to $150 per square foot installed, depending on the type of quartzite you choose and where you live. The neutral colors of quartzite look nice against any kitchen color scheme, with natural swirl patterns that lend a clean, modern, organic look.

Recycled Glass

Becoming more popular among people who wish to have an eco-friendly solution, recycled glass looks very interesting. Recycled glass countertops consist of fragments of recycled glass, which are held together with a binder, usually cement or resin.

Expect to spend anywhere from $65 to $100 per square foot, plus $80-$150 per hour for the installation. Depending on the project size and complexity, it can be a bit more expensive than other forms of countertops.

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