How Long Do Kitchen Cabinets Last?

How Long Do Kitchen Cabinets Last?

Remodeling, revamping, or purchasing a new home? Here’s everything you need to know about choosing kitchen cabinets that last.

The kitchen is the most critical room in the house. It gives you a place to make memories, food, and fuel for your family. It’s usually where your whole family gets together to connect. Since the kitchen is so important, you need to ensure you have the best kitchen cabinets that will last forever. In this article, we will talk about the lifespan of kitchen cabinets.

The Life of a Kitchen Cabinet

As one of the most durable parts of your kitchen, your cabinets will last decades longer than your appliances, sink, faucet, and countertops if you treat them right. However,  the length of time they last depends on how well they are made and how well they are tended to.

Hopefully, the kitchen cabinets in your home were well-made and well-kept. If so, they can last for up to 50 years! Let’s dive into the factors that determine their lifespan.

Factors that Determine Cabinet Lifespan

Cabinets are a home feature that is heavily influenced by how we treat them and where we live. Some more humid spaces can limit the lifespan of cabinets, and so can regular use. If you don’t treat your cabinets with care, you should expect to replace them sooner rather than later. You want cabinets made with high-quality materials–and you want to treat them well!

Ways to Help Cabinets Last

Consider your home’s current and future styles. Will appliances match cabinets? Marble or stone countertops? Choosing a timeless style will prevent future cabinet replacements for aesthetic reasons.

For long-lasting cabinets, focus on investing in cabinets made with good materials–and always have them installed by a professional. As long as you let the experts handle them, then focus on cleaning and regular maintenance, your cabinets will last.

Choosing Cabinets that Are Built Strong

Kitchen cabinets usually last 10-15 years before you need to replace them, but it depends on how well-built they are, what they’re made of, and if you like them. To find cabinets that are likely to withstand whatever you throw at them, it can really help to consult an expert. Experts can learn about your lifestyle and help you choose cabinets that are a great fit for your needs.

The Takeaway

The right home features can enhance your living space and make it easier for you to sell your home down the line. As far as investments go, the cabinets and granite countertops Denver residents favor can absolutely last through the ages. To learn more about how cabinets are made and installed–and which cabinets are right for you–contact our team of professionals to get started. We are here to help your kitchen look great for decades!

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