When Should I Replace Kitchen Cabinets?

When Should I Replace Kitchen Cabinets?

Your cabinets and countertops provide some of the most important real estate in your home, providing storage space for everything you need in your kitchen. That room is one of the busiest spaces in any home, and making sure that they are in optimal condition can make that space even more functional. Like anything, wear and tear and other influences can take a toll on your cabinets and countertops in Denver, and here are some signs that your kitchen cabinets need replacing.

Inspect the Wood of Your Cabinets

One of the easiest ways to tell if your cabinetry needs replacement is by inspecting the material they are made out of. If there are dark color spots, or if the wood has begun to warp or look swollen, there could be water damage to the cabinets. It might not seem like it, but cabinets have a lot of exposure to water. From exposure underneath your sink to the steam of simple cooking, water can speed up the replacement timetable for kitchen cabinets.

Most cabinets are made of wood, and just taking a look at their condition will provide a good indication. Even if they’re not made of wood, there are indications like the presence of mold, or the laminate peeling away. Regular inspections can show you if something is wrong in your kitchen, and usually can be remedied before even more extensive damage occurs.

Cabinet Structure Can Wear Down

One of the obvious indicators that cabinets need replacing is when they start to become less functional over time. If they’re no longer easy to use – due to things like stuck drawers, cabinet doors knocking into each other, or doors that don’t close properly – it is likely time for an upgrade. Water damage can cause these types of breakdowns, too.

Because most cabinets are made of wood, a lot of times they can simply be refinished. However, refinished wood doesn’t necessarily mean that they will become easier to use. Making the kitchen more functional is a great reason to replace your cabinets, especially if there is plenty of time being spent in the space.

How Long Do Cabinets Last?

The durability and longevity of your kitchen cabinets depends a lot on the quality of wood, and how much use they get. High-end cabinets should last decades, and likely will be more than suitable for 40 years or more. One of the longest lasting items in your kitchen, replacing cabinets can have a long-term impact. From functionality to your individual style, choosing the right cabinets is an important decision. They have to be of high enough quality to stand the test of time, but they also have to match everything else in your kitchen – from your current countertops, appliances and fixtures to any other changes you might make in the future.

These are long-term investments that deserve high quality replacements so they can stand the test of time. For more information on replacing your kitchen cabinets, and what are the best options to consider, reach out to the experts at Kitchen & Bath by Design today.

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